Roselli x Kasperi - The explorer set Mk II

Roselli and Kasperi have come together again to create the Explorer Set Mk II. The much-requested rerun now includes the new Kasperi Puukko handcrafted by Roselli, a vision of the quintessential Finnish utility knife. With the Kasperi x Roselli Explorer Set Mk II you'll be prepared for a life off the beaten path.

All the products we create at Roselli and Kasperi are unique in their own way, but from time to time something truly exclusive comes up. The Explorer set Mk II is one of these products and is only produced in 20 editions, of which 10 are available in our web store.

The explorer set Mk II includes:

  1. Kasperi Fold Top-backpack from whitetail deer leather w/ two utility straps for attaching the axe. 
  2. Kasperi Puukko 4" knife made by Roselli, stained curly birch handle, and Kasperi custom made knife sheath.
  3. Roselli axe, short, stained birch handle and Kasperi custom made axe sheath.
  4. Kasperi x Roselli Firesteel, stained curly birch handle, and Kasperi custom made sheath.

Handmade in Finland
Lifetime warranty
Free sharpening
Free engraving
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Kasperi Fold Top from whitetail deer leather

Kasperi’s Fold Top is a product that lasts a lifetime, it is an investment that only gets better, more sustainable, and affordable with time. Stylish for city use. Sturdy for the forests. The ergonomics of the bag are designed to stay comfortable even after whole days carrying heavier loads, and in addition it has six external attachment points for your Roselli equipment.

The Fold Top included in The Explorer Set Mk II might just be the last backpack you’ll ever need. It’s made from premium ecological whitetail leather (learn more here) custom-developed for Kasperi. Using the whitetail also makes use of a material that would otherwise be doomed for waste.

Product Data

Inside dimensions: Width 30 cm, Height 35–55 cm, Depth 16 cm

Volume: 27 liters

Origin: Handmade in Finland

Materials: Made from high-quality vegetable tanned leather. The frame of the bag is made of 2 mm and 3 mm SOHRE tannery’s excellent German cow leather and the folding part is made of Ahlskog Tannerys 1.8 mm vegetable tanned and waxed moss green Finnish whitetail deer that is a custom tanning recipe for the moss green whitetail specifically.


  • One outer pocket for smaller items.
  • 60 mm wide ergonomically designed shoulder straps.
  • Handle.
  • Includes detachable laptop computer sleeve up to 15” laptops.
  • A place for rear bicycle light.
  • Extension strap for maximizing packing capacity.
  • D-ring key loop inside.
  • Special Kasperi stainless steel buckle.
  • Six attachment points for equipment straps.

Kasperi Puukko – The original multitool crafted by Roselli

Designed by Kasperi and handcrafted by us at Roselli, the Kasperi Puukko is a take on the quintessential Finnish puukko. The puukko is a utilitarian type of knife made for handling a large variety of tasks. For Finns the puukko is the original multitool.

The skill of using a puukko in versatile ways safely is not only useful but also a great source of joy. In Finnish tradition, the puukko is used for absolutely everything. It was used for making fire, carving, making shelters for the night, preparing a meal and eating. The Kasperi Puukko is made to cultivate these wilderness skills.

The shaped handle is made out of stained curly birch and treated with linseed oil for a firm grip even when wet. The burly 4 mm thick blade and the full tang structure makes it handle rougher tasks with ease. Roselli's signature Ultra High Carbon steel keeps the edge like no other. Kasperi custom sheath made out of vegetable tanned leather protects the blade and lets you hang the puukko safely on your belt. The firesteel that’s housed on the sheath makes the Kasperi Puukko a valuable tool for creating a fire.

Product Data

Steel: UHC steel, hardness: 62-63 HRC

Blade length: 110 mm

Total length: 240 mm

Blade thickness: 4 mm

Weight: 200 g

Handle: Stained curly birch

Sheath: Vegetable tanned leather

Roselli axe, short stained birch handle and Kasperi custom axe sheath

Roselli's traditional Axe with a shorter handle is an effective wood cutting tool, whether used while camping or at the summer cottage. The wide blade angle prevents the axe from getting stuck, and in addition to woodcutting, it can be used for whittling as well. This special edition comes with a Kasperi custom made Cognac-brown German SOHRE Tanneries vegetable tanned leather sheath to protect the edge. With the two supplied Kasperi utility straps, you can attach the axe to Kasperi Fold Top-backpack. The axe handle is made from birch and is stained and coated with linseed oil to ensure a firm grip, even when wet.

Product Data

Steel: Carbon steel, hardness: 60 HRC

Blade length: 90 mm

Total length: 350 mm

Weight: 720 g

Handle: Stained birch

Sheath: Vegetable tanned leather

Roselli Firesteel, stained curly birch handle

In The Explorer Set Mk II we’ve also included a custom firesteel. A firesteel is a tool with which you can create sparks. It comes incredibly handy when you want to start a fire, and is, therefore, a self-evident tool to carry with you. The Roselli Firesteel is used with the backside of the knife to strike sparks on a prepared “primer” tinder - for example, dry birch bark that is rasped with a knife to create a flammable kindling. Once you get the kindling ignited, it is gradually fed with larger sticks until you have a campfire. The Roselli Firesteel attaches to the Kasperi custom made knife sheath.

Lifetime warranty

Roselli manufactures what we believe are some of the best knives on the planet. Each product we make, is built with the purpose of lasting a lifetime – your "oneknifeforlife".

That’s why your Roselli is covered by a lifetime warranty. We will repair or replace any knife or axe that we find defective. The warranty excludes damage caused by misuse, accident, self-repair, tampering or dismantling.

Read full warranty details here.

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King of Axes!

This axe is absolutely amazing for a woodsman like me. Never another axe


Best steel ever

In my opinion it is by far the best steel ever!


No doubt is the best!

You guys make the longest lasting, best tools i have ever used! No doubt this is the best!


Great experience

Great experience, quick service, excellent quality and every outdoorsman should have one of these knives!


Such beautiful knives

Such beautiful knives!


My best axe ever

My best axe ever


Cool and unique design

Your axe has such a cool and unique design


Some serious customer care

This is some serious customer care!


You guys are the best!

You guys are the best!


Many thanks

Many thanks to the fast delivery and of course top quality!