Sharpening & maintenance service

  • We can help you with the maintenance and sharpening of your knife for the cost of €12 plus return shipping.

    Terms and conditions

    Blade: Sharpening, repair broken tip, repair damaged knife edgeand general polish.

    Handle: Grinding any defects on the handle, clean and oil handle.

    Not included:
    No replacements of any parts are included, such as; blade, ferrule, handle or sheath. When we receive your knife we will do a personal evaluation of it if, and contact you if we think parts should be changed. Maintenance that requires a cost will only be done after your approval.

    Provide your contact information

    Important you include below:
    - Your name
    - Address
    - Mobile phone number
    - Email address
    - Order number

    Please also describe what you want help with, and what maintenance you need on your knife in the order notes.