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Sharpening/maintenance service

We can help you with the maintenance and sharpening of your knife for the cost of €12 plus return shipping. Specific rates for shipping can be found if you click here

Terms and conditions
Blade: Sharpening, repair broken tip, repair damaged knife edge
and general polish.
Handle: Grinding any defects on the handle, clean and oil handle.

Not included:
No replacements of any parts are included, such as; blade, ferrule, handle or sheath. When we receive your knife we will do a personal evaluation of it if, and contact you if we think parts should be changed. Maintenance that requires a cost will only be done after your approval.

Provide your contact information
Important you include below:

° Your name
° Address
° Mobile phone number
° Email address.
° Order number

Please also describe what you want help with, and what maintenance you need on your knife.

Wrap and pack your product securely
Put each knife in its original sheath and/or fully wrap in cardboard before packing your knife in a box to protect it during shipping. 
A padded envelope may work for smaller models. Check so that your knife 
is secure and protected within the package.

Shipping to us
We recommend that all knives posted to us are sent with a certified, trackable receipt. Note that knife loss, including shipping to and from the Roselli factory, is not covered by your warranty.

If you ship from outside the EU
For customs purpose, please mark your package clearly with:
“Knife for warranty matters, 
HS Code 82 11 92 00,
Country of origin Finland”

Ship your product to:
Roselli Oy
Rosellintie 1
17780 Harmoinen