Hunting knife UHC, Refurbished

  • Our Hunting knife, the original Roselli, with a minimalist design. Truly made for the hunter and the perfect companion when handling medium to large sized game. This refurbished Hunting Knife UHC with a blade made from UHC (Ultra High Carbon) steel, is number 65 of the first 100 produced UHC knives. Number 65 and year 1998 are engraved. It has been repaired, polished and renewed for a lifetime of adventure.

    It was sent to us by Matteo in Italy. Thank you Matteo for letting us give your Roselli another chance at life. Because great knives never die.

    Crafted, sharpened and perfected by hand in Harmoinen, Finland.

    Each product is unique. Patterns and texture of natural materials can vary.