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UHC steel knives

This sophisticated collection is made with our own Ultra High Carbon steel. The Roselli UHC is considered one of the hardest steel qualities in the world, measuring 66 HRC. This level of strength makes an extreme sharpness possible, and an edge which will stay sharp for a very long time.
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Carbon steel knives

Our standard carbon steel is anything but standard, and has been validated by hunters, fishermen and carpenters over several decades. This steel is our most trusted and used. Hard, durable and reliable - it is made to get the work done, and easy to get back to full sharpness by yourself.
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Collectors knives

We have created a series of exclusive interpretations of our most iconic models. With extra attention to details, such as in-house handmade Damascus steel or silver ferrules, these are collector’s items that will make an impression on anyone - not least yourself. 

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Kitchen knives

The only users more demanding than hunters and fishermen, are possibly chefs. Both our legendary steel qualities are perfect for cutting, slicing, mincing and chopping - and lend themselves well to the work of any kitchen professional.
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Design and customize your own personal Roselli. We’ve decided to separately sell our UHC steel blade to the people that wants to be a little more creative. With the Roselli blade you can create your own one-of-a-kind knife for life.
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