Sharpening stone, round

This grindstone made from Wästikivi phyllite is very well suited to sharpen your Roselli axe. The round shape of the stone allows working with circular rather than linear motions, which is more practical when sharpening an axe. Suitable for rough and end sharpening.

Our recommendation is to keep your stone wet when sharpening, this dissipates frictional heat and facilitates smooth sharpening action.

Since it’s a natural stone, each product is unique and the grit value may vary. Natural whetstone lasts many decades.

Watch our video on how to sharpen your axe here:

How to - Sharpen your axe


Material: Wästikivi phyllite

Width: 20 mm

Other details: Diameter is 65 mm

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King of Axes!

This axe is absolutely amazing for a woodsman like me. Never another axe


Best steel ever

In my opinion it is by far the best steel ever!


No doubt is the best!

You guys make the longest lasting, best tools i have ever used! No doubt this is the best!


Great experience

Great experience, quick service, excellent quality and every outdoorsman should have one of these knives!


Such beautiful knives

Such beautiful knives!


My best axe ever

My best axe ever


Cool and unique design

Your axe has such a cool and unique design


Some serious customer care

This is some serious customer care!


You guys are the best!

You guys are the best!


Many thanks

Many thanks to the fast delivery and of course top quality!