Madeleine Pettersson

Stockholm, Sweden

Hunter and adventurer exploring the world, one hunt at a time. My name is Madeleine Pettersson, and I run Side By Side. Through my work, I have the opportunity to travel around different countries and experience various hunting cultures while deepening my understanding of wildlife and wildlife conservation.

Wildlife conservation runs deep in my heart, and I am passionate about preserving and protecting the wilderness in the forest. Why do I hunt? For me, it's about so much more than just filling the freezer. Hunting is an opportunity to be a part of nature on its own terms, to understand its ways, and to feel respect for its gifts. Through my travels and hunting experiences, I strive to learn more about different hunting cultures and contribute to sustainable hunting practices. For me, it's all about choosing the right meat and moving away from the mass industry. I believe in choosing the meat that is most ecological and sustainable for our planet.

Activities: Hunting

Q&A with Madde

If you could only choose one hunting memory to share, which one would it be and why?

After participating in three previous moose hunts without success, I knew that luck played a significant role in hunting. On my fourth attempt, fortune finally smiled upon me.

When I saw the calf in front of me, I took my shots, and everything went smoothly. Shortly after, the dog arrived, and it felt like a dream scene – perfect weather, a perfect shot, and a successful hunt. Afterwards, all the hunters gathered around the moose and me with a joy that we all shared together.

What is the most unexpected or odd thing that has happened to you during a hunting trip?

Haha... That my magazine ran out, and I had no more bullets left... In front of me stood a big boar weighing 150 kg. It was a lesson for life. Since then, I've never had too few bullets with me on stand!

If you could choose one hunting location in the world to explore, where would you go and which animal would you hunt?


In Canada, you are greeted by vast and untouched wilderness stretching across the country from coast to coast. From the majestic snow-capped peaks of the Rocky Mountains to the silent forests of northern Ontario and the endless prairies of the central plains. You can follow the moose's tracks through dense forests, spot bears along the waterways, and feel your heart race when you catch sight of a whitetail deer at dusk.

But it's not just the hunt that draws you here. You can experience all of this on horseback. Riding through Canada's wild landscapes is like letting go of all worries and letting the rhythm of nature guide you forward. It's an experience that I dream of having!

What's your relationship to nature?

My relationship with hunting and nature has deep roots that stretch back several years. It began as a desire to learn more about the rich diversity of wildlife and the nature surrounding us. No one in my family was a hunter, so I chose my own path when it came to hunting.

What truly drove me to start hunting was the realization of being a part of nature on its own terms, understanding its ways, and feeling respect for its gifts. Through hunting, I learned to appreciate nature on a deeper level and found my lifestyle and beliefs within it. I feel that I have found a path that is in harmony with my values and allows me to be an active part of the natural cycle and wildlife conservation. It's a lifestyle that I embrace with all my heart and one that I am proud to follow.

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