Wojtek Równanek


I'm Wojtek, 42 years young, happily married to Maja, and proud father of Viktoria. My professional pursuits revolve around photography and training in bushcraft and survival skills. Outdoor adventures are my passion, and I love imparting my knowledge to others.

Activities: Bushcraft

Q&A with Wojtek

What's the strangest wildlife encounter you've had during your outdoor escapades?

Once, when I was sleeping in a hammock, I was visited by a wild boar. It was so close that I could smell its breath and smell from its snout. It stood about 20 cm away and grunted. The whole meeting lasted about 5 minutes, a very memorable experience.

If you could invite any historical figure to join you on an outdoor adventure, who would it be and what activity would you choose?

I would gladly take G. Nessmuk on an expedition. Building a camp with such a master would be a fantastic, spiritual experience.

What's your go-to campfire kit?

I prefer to start a fire using a fire steel, some birch bark, or resinous wood. Igniting a fire is a true ritual for me, more than just a chemical process. I love every spark from my campfire.

If you could give one piece of advice to someone who's never camped before, what would it be?

The bivouac starts when it gets dark. At night, the forest sounds might seem strange, but don't worry, it's just a normal part of nighttime in nature.

Wojtek relationship to nature

As a kid growing up in the countryside, I loved being surrounded by nature. I was amazed by how everything seemed to work together perfectly, and I admired the skillful work of the people around me. These experiences really shaped how I see the world.

Nowadays, I make it a point to spend time in nature by camping out at least once a week. Whether I'm going on big adventures in untouched places or just having a cozy camping trip with friends and family, I enjoy it all. I especially love the old-fashioned style of camping, which brings back memories of simpler times, especially when I'm fishing by the peaceful waterside.

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