Free sharpening service

A Roselli is made with the purpose of lasting a lifetime and the most important thing about a knife is that it’s sharp. To keep your one knife for life in optimum condition we offer free sharpening service.

Simply send us your knife or axe, and only pay for the shipping to and from the Roselli Factory (see details under shipping info). Once you’ve ordered the free sharpening service you’ll receive an order confirmation with all the information you need.

Included in the sharpening service: Sharpening, repair of broken tip, chipping, damaged knife/axe edge and general polish.

The sharpening service is free, you only pay for the shipping to and from the Roselli Factory.

Shipping to us:

You need to arrange this shipping yourself and we recommend that you send it with a certified, trackable receipt. Note that lost goods when shipping to and from the Roselli Factory, are not covered by Roselli.

Shipping from us:

You pay for the return shipping from the Roselli factory directly when placing your Sharpening Service order. The shipping cost from the factory depends on where you live, see cost below. Shipping cost will be automatically calculated when you have entered your address information.

Return shipping rates:
Inside EU:
10 EUR Standard Shipping (6-8 days)
25 EUR DHL Express (2-4 days)

Rest of the world:
35 EUR DHL Express (6-9 days)
You can find all this information and more in your order confirmation.

Fantastic knife!

The Bear Claw, UHC is a knife that I've been looking for. I carry it with me everyday around my neck. It's insanely sharp.


King of Axes!

This axe is absolutely amazing for a woodsman like me. Never another axe!


Best steel ever

In my opinion it is by far the best steel ever!


No doubt is the best!

You guys make the longest lasting, best tools I have ever used! No doubt this is the best!


Great experience

Great experience, quick service, excellent quality and every outdoorsman should have one of these knives!


Such beautiful knives

Such beautiful knives!


My best axe ever!

My best axe ever.


Cool and unique design

Your axe has such a cool and unique design.


Some serious customer care

This is some serious customer care!


You guys are the best!

You guys are the best!


Many thanks

Many thanks to the fast delivery and of course top quality!


Great experience!

Nice products, good service & easy to shop!


Very nice and very, very sharp.

Great service, fast response, very friendly. My Carpenter, UHC is very nice and very very sharp.


Super fast shipping

Received my knives and axe today. Service was excellent and super fast shipping from Finland, was amazing!


Beautiful products

Beautiful products with great service!


My new favorite Roselli

The Big Leuku is a beautiful and extremely versatile knife, probably my favorite Roselli knife so far.


The finest tools!

Roselli has the finest tools you could have for all your outdoors activities.


The best knife ever!

Just got Roselli's Hunting knife, UHC a couple of weeks ago and can't put it down. This is the best knife I have ever held in my hands.


Premium quality!

Roselli’s handmade UHC steel is premium quality - one of a kind. A beautiful gift and practical tools!


Roselli fan for life!

I met Mr. Roselli once years ago in Finland. He showed me the shop and was a great host and regular person. I have never forgotten his generosity and like my knife, I am a Mr. Roselli fan for life!


Have used my knives for seven years!

Have used my knives for seven years. Easy to sharpen and stays sharp for a long time. Great service too!