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Choose the right size for your knife

With so many knives to choose from with various sizes and blade lengths, it can be difficult to know which one that would suit you better. It can also be difficult to appreciate the size differences between our knives. That’s why we created a simple size guide.

There's no right or wrong length on your knife, it depends on what you’re going to use it for and how you want to carry it. If you’re looking for a pocket knife or a knife to help you chop wood — the size will vary. Remember though, the strength doesn’t lie in the size of the knife, but in the steel and quality.


Looking for a larger knife?

A larger knife is convenient if you need help with real demanding outdoor tasks. Even though you can do a lot with a smaller knife, a large survival knife is good to have when cutting through large pieces of wood, setting camp, creating a fire or when removing dense vegetation in a forest.


Roselli bushcraft knife in model: Little Leuku knife carbon steel with curly birch handle

A large knife is better when you can use the extra couple of centimetres. A larger knife or machete can also be worn on your hip, making it easier to carry than a larger axe for example. However — this model is not ideal for more detailed work such as skinning or carving.

Large and heavier knives:

Looking for a medium size knife?

Our medium sized knives are great for both the workshop and the woods, and the delicate blade has made these models a popular all-round hunting companion, as they lend themselves well to both large and small game.

While they aren't quite as handy as small knives, and not as powerful as large ones, they do offer a great deal of versatility. Our medium sized knives will most likely become the only tool you need. They take on outdoor life, hunting, fishing and camping with ease.


Finnish handmade hunting knife in carbon steel with curly birch handle from Roselli

They’re also very popular within the bushcraft community, where it’s often recommended to get a medium size knife with a blade length of 100-110 mm because they manage to cover most outdoor tasks. If you want to be fully geared up, outdoor professionals also recommend to pair up a medium size knife with a small axe or hatchet.

Medium and all-round size knives:


Looking for a pocket-size knife?

If you're looking for a small and handy knife we got that too. Our smaller knives are loyal companions perfect for detailed jobs in wood work and cooking, with greater control in handling both small and medium size game. They’re also compact, pocket-sized workhorses with the ability to fit any space, and are therefore highly likely to become your most used backcountry knife.


Carving knife from Roselli

Whatever the task, a small pocket-size knife will handle it. You could use it for cutting rope, whittling, handling and preparing food, hunting and much more. They are more useful than some might think.

Small and handy knives:


What size is each Roselli knife?

Carbon Steel Knives

In the picture below you can get a better view of our carbon steel knives in relation to each other and a regular size hand (180 mm). You can find full measurement details under each knife’s product page, just click on the tab ‘details’.


Picture of Roselli carbon steel knives


UHC (Ultra High Carbon) Steel Knives

In the picture below you can get a better view of our UHC steel knives in relation to each other and a regular size hand (180 mm). You can find full measurement details under each knife’s product page, just click on the tab ‘details’.


Picture of both Roselli carbon steel knives and UHC-steel knives


Remember, what blade length and knife size that would be best for you is usually a matter of personal preference. There’s no right or wrong as long as you feel comfortable with the Roselli you have in your hand.

Still not sure what knife that is right for you? Read our other blog posts to learn more and find your perfect Roselli. Or contact us at info@roselli.fi and we'll help you.


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