Heimo 4" full tang knife, UHC

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This Heimo 4" full tang edition comes with a strong commitment to serving your needs. It is highly popular for hunting, fishing, carpentry, or simply enjoying unfettered outdoor adventures.

The excess hidden steel in this full tang knife (where the blade extends throughout the entire handle) provides improved support and balance when subjected to rigorous use. Our full tang knives are renowned for their long-lasting durability, making them ideal for heavy-duty tasks.

The blade is crafted from UHC (Ultra High Carbon) steel, delivering an exceptionally sharp edge that retains its sharpness for an extended period. Please keep in mind that the hard UHC steel is not suitable for penetrating bones or other hard materials. The handle is made from curly birch with brass staples and a lanyard hole, coated with linseed oil, ensuring a secure grip even when wet.

This full tang knife comes complete with an innovative handcrafted sheath made from light vegetable-tanned Finnish leather, featuring a metal spring mechanism to keep the case securely fastened, regardless of your movements.

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Teräs: UHC steel

Kovuus: Around 62-63 HRC

Terän pituus: 100 mm

Kokonaispituus: 240 mm

Terän paksuus: 3.5 mm

Paino: 180 gr

Kahva: Curly birch

Tuppi: Vegetable tanned leather

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Lifetime warranty

Roselli manufactures what we believe are some of the best knives on the planet. Each product we make, is built with the purpose of lasting a lifetime – your "oneknifeforlife".

That's why your Roselli is covered by a lifetime warranty. We will repair or replace any knife or axe that we find defective. The warranty excludes damage caused by misuse, accident, self-repair, tampering or dismantling.

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Fantastic knife!

The Bear Claw, UHC is a knife that I've been looking for. I carry it with me everyday around my neck. It's insanely sharp.


King of Axes!

This axe is absolutely amazing for a woodsman like me. Never another axe!


Best steel ever

In my opinion it is by far the best steel ever!


No doubt is the best!

You guys make the longest lasting, best tools I have ever used! No doubt this is the best!


Great experience

Great experience, quick service, excellent quality and every outdoorsman should have one of these knives!


Such beautiful knives

Such beautiful knives!


My best axe ever!

My best axe ever.


Cool and unique design

Your axe has such a cool and unique design.


Some serious customer care

This is some serious customer care!


You guys are the best!

You guys are the best!


Many thanks

Many thanks to the fast delivery and of course top quality!


Great experience!

Nice products, good service & easy to shop!


Very nice and very, very sharp.

Great service, fast response, very friendly. My Carpenter, UHC is very nice and very very sharp.


Super fast shipping

Received my knives and axe today. Service was excellent and super fast shipping from Finland, was amazing!


Beautiful products

Beautiful products with great service!


My new favorite Roselli

The Big Leuku is a beautiful and extremely versatile knife, probably my favorite Roselli knife so far.


The finest tools!

Roselli has the finest tools you could have for all your outdoors activities.


The best knife ever!

Just got Roselli's Hunting knife, UHC a couple of weeks ago and can't put it down. This is the best knife I have ever held in my hands.


Premium quality!

Roselli’s handmade UHC steel is premium quality - one of a kind. A beautiful gift and practical tools!


Roselli fan for life!

I met Mr. Roselli once years ago in Finland. He showed me the shop and was a great host and regular person. I have never forgotten his generosity and like my knife, I am a Mr. Roselli fan for life!


Have used my knives for seven years!

Have used my knives for seven years. Easy to sharpen and stays sharp for a long time. Great service too!


I am very pleased!

I am very pleased with my Carpenter knife, UHC. Fine craftmanship, wonderful balance and feeling. I will now think of you guys every time I cut my fingers! ;)

Marc Werbrouck

Roselli makes an excellent product!

Roselli makes an excellent product that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye as well as touch and fit. I would recommend it.

Sheri Latimer

I will definitely be back to shop here

Great customer service! Very fast shipping and excellent quality material and knives! I will definitely be back to shop here.


The blade is a razor!

The finish and handling are top notch! The blade is a razor, butchering the boar was a breeze!


Exceptional knife!

I recently bought your Big Leuku and I find it to be an exceptional knife. I've used it before to prune a large branch and make wood for a fire and despite having put in some hard work it still cuts like a razor. Fantastic Roselli!


Never without my Roselli!

Never head out without my Roselli, at least one of them. They all hold a good edge. My 19 inch Axe splits firewood like butter and my Grandfather knife is always on my belt, if not my Heimo. Good steel and comfortable wood handles.


hunting & Carpenter knife!

Both knives have character, one with a blade that is super sharp and "lives" just like the birch handle itself; here you can see the work of a blacksmith, the effort and the time, that's just great. As great as the new CPM steels are, a carbon blade with 60 HRC is simply better (I maintain all my knives anyway) and nothing happens with a bit of oil.

Uwe Strauss

Roselli Carving knife

A very nice carving knife. Made from carbon steel. Sharp and I'm sure it is sharp for a long time.

Dirk Gijsbertsz Barendregt

I own 10 knives from Roselli!

Over the years, I have bought many knives of various types from various companies. That changed when I got my first knife from Roselli. I was thrilled and realized what a proper knife should look like. Since then, I have had 10 different knives from Roselli, including kitchen knives and also an axe. Amazing quality and craftsmanship. I highly recommend them to everyone.